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LEGO Tron Light Cycle Set Enters the Grid

LEGO Tron toy sets enters the grid.

Lego just announced that it’s planning to develop a Tron: Legacy light cycle set, based on the design of a Lego fan named Brick Bros UK. The final version has never been published yet, however there are a couple of pictures of the Brick Bros UK set, that’ll likely be similar.

Lego has never disclosed a release date or pricing, though we ought to learn more since the group has been announced. Fingers crossed a edition of the “classic light-cycle” from the superior original will not be much behind.

Together with the possibility that the Lego Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) Super Star Destroyer is likely to be available early next year…means an overdraft extension might be inorder. Lego place to enter The Grid using Tron Lightcycle collection.

lego tron

Lego’s fan-driven Ideas app has led in some of the very awesome sets in recent memory card. There is WALL-E, the DeLorean from Back to the Upcoming (1985) and also the Ghostbusters (1984) Tribeca firehouse, just to name a few. Now, the toy company is adding the list and Tron.

Will LEGO Tron Wow Enthusiasts?

I doubt it that it won’t.

When I first saw the set, I find it very awesome. I am focusing on the light part of the wheel turbo. The company made the blocks to look like fading light. I am looking forward to see this in-game the LEGO Undercover new version soon.

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